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I enjoy posting original stuff about software, art, music, math, and science that interests me and hopefully you too.

Currently I live in Cambridge and spend my time working on future versions of Mustbin, playing piano, and reading. 

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In 2013 I joined the founding team of boston-based private social network software startup Mustbin. We are working to build a new ultra-secure platform for organizing your most vital information and treasured moments. At Mustbin I lead the R&D efforts with the team of inspired developers and designers responsible for building the Mustbin platform. After our launch in November we had a number of articles written about in media outlets such as TechcrunchXconomy, etc.. my personal favorite is this article from china.  To find out more about the project watch the explainer video below (be careful, the theme is catchy). Currently we're building out the platform to include Android and Desktop clients.


Wolfram Alpha

For four years I worked with Stephen Wolfram, the youngest phd Caltech ever produced, to build a Computable Knowledge Engine, the first of its kind. As a coder in the Harvard-based elite Special Projects group of Wolfram Research, I worked on large-scale software projects Mathematica and Siri. Here's a synopsis of Wolfram's intellectual structure:


Mathematics PhD

I completed a doctorate in math and computer science at the University of Wyoming. Working under my advisor Craig Douglas, I researched how to solve computationally intractable problems with algorithms that harness the power of evolution to digitally evolve solutions. At UW I had the pleasure of studying under noted professor Farhad Jafari, my committee member, who gives wonderful lectures on functional analysis: